The Kite Runner

The kite runner by Khaled Housseini was published in 2003. The book was said to be the first novel written by an afgan writer. The novel is set in Afganistan from the late 1970s to 1981 and the start of the soviet occupation. Its a story of strained family relationships between father and son. Through the story they deal with both guilt and forgiveness. The kite runner opens in 2001, where the adult narrator Amir lives in San Francisco and is contemplating his past. The story goes back to the narrators early life in Kabul. His closest friend is his playmate and servant Hassan, who is a member of the Hazara ethnic minority. The novel deals with themes such as identity, loyalty and courage.

We have been introduced to some characters in this story, Ali the lifelong loyal servant of babas family, Amir the narrator the boy who is born into a privileged Pashtun family, Baba a stubborn well respected man also amirs father, Hassan the son of Ali and amirs constant companion and Rahim Khan Baba´s business associate.

The Kite Runner is written in the first-person point of view. Amir is both the protagonist and the narrator of the novel, so the reader experiences the story from his perspective. Since it’s told from Amir´s point of view the story shows us how he views his thoughts and actions. The point of view allows us to connect with the main character better and also provides insight into his mind. The first person point of view is used to show us Amir´s struggles.

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