Freedom of the press

The three countries i chose are Australia, United kingdom and Russia.


Australia is number 25 on the list. Press freedom is quite fragile in Australia. The constitutional law contains no press freedom guarantees. There has been some political attacks on the investigative journalism. Pluralism in Australia has been badly eroded by one of the highest levels of media ownership concentration. All of the privately-owned media are now owned by two media giants.

United Kingdom

UK´s government stated commitment to defending global media freedom, but the domestic restrictions remained. There was a secret government unit that appeared, that served as a clearing house for freedom of information requests. Some of the critical media outlets got blacklisted and faced other restrictions. The National Committee for the Safety of Journalists was established in July 2020.


There has been big anti-government protests in Russia in 2011 and 2012. Since Kremlins opponents Alexei Navalny´s immediate arrest on arrival, the harassment has risen more and more. There is more propaganda than quality journalism. There are laws that are used for imprisoning Journalists and bloggers. The journalists that cover the big protests are often arrested and given a fine, to make them stop. There are murders and physical attacks that still go unpunished.

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