What did they agree on? 

Earlier drafts of the agreement contained an commitment to phase out unabated coal. Instead, countries agreed to “phase down” coal, causing disappointment and concern over whether the world can limit the average global temperature rise to 1.5C. 

What were the most contested last-minute changes? 

India took the floor and sought permission to make a proposal. Mr Yadav proposed that the phrase “phase out unabated coal” in the final draft text of the agreement be replaced with “phase down coal”. 

Were they represented by their state leaders? 

No, India was represented by India’s Environment Minister 

Whar role did they play at COP26 

They play the bad guys 

What policies do they have in effect or planned? 

China said that various countries’ efforts to meet the 1.5C target should be seen in the context of their efforts to eradicate poverty. 

India agreed. “How can anyone expect that developing countries make promises about phasing out coal and fossil fuel subsidies? Developing countries still have to do deal with their poverty reduction agenda,” India’s Environment Minister, Bhupender Yadav, said. 

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