Gun laws

Do they protect or do they kill?

There are two sides of the debate about guns, one side believes that guns are an essential tool of self- preservation, and the other side believes that guns are a menace to public safety. More than 30 years of public health research supports thinking of guns as a statistically more of a personal hazard than a benefit.

Why do people choose to own guns when it increases the risk of gun-related violent death at home? The gun owners may be unaware of the risks, better known as a knowledge deficit. There has been a lot of repeated warnings, but the gun ownership still decreases. US surveys back in 1990 revealed that gun are owned most frequently for self-protection, this I largely motivated by past victimization or fears of future victimization. Gun-ownership tends to be lower in urban settings and low-income families, where there might be higher rates of violance and/or crime. The largest demographic of gun-owners in the US are white men living in rural communities that earn more than 100k/year. This is a mismatch between subjuctive fear and objective reality.

Should guns be banned in the US?

74% of homicides were due to firearms. Let’s just look at the fact of us banning guns, if we were to, although there may be illegal trade due to the banning just like there is with other banned objects, the number of people with guns would be highly decreased, and so would homicides. 74% of people killed in America could be saved if we ban guns because guns are one of the easiest to access, easiest to use, and easiest to mass murder with out of all weapons. 

Second Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms) – ratified on December 15 1791. That’s almost 230 years ago

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