What shaped 2021? an what can we expect in 2022?

The 2021, in 10 minutes video tells us about the three C´s that shaped 2021. Corona, from the alpha to the omicron. The conflicts, geopolitical conflicts across the world. And climate, because 2021 was perceived as a make or break year for the climate action.

The second video tells us which challenges the world can expect in 2022. The different reporters tell us whats ahead for the different countries.

I think that covid is still gonna be really important for many of the countries. There are new variants, such like omicron and there are still some travel restrictions in many countries. Covid has affected the world these past years. Some people has lost their jobs and families. It is for sure much more safer now, compared to when covid first started. People are vaccinated, but there are still countries that haven´t got the vaccine. With all of the new variants we don´t know what to expect.

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