Guest speakers

We had a few guest speakers in class, but why do teachers actually invite guest speakers? The purpose of guest speakers is to benefit both your studies and your mindset. The guest speakers provide an alternative perspective on topics that are introduced to us during the school year. Students often benefit from the guest speakers independent thinking and it also improves a student´s learning. It also easier for the students to understand the topic on a closer level. Because of this the student can engage in a more approachable way of teaching . This also helps to get the students fully involved in the class.

But, of course the practice doesen´t only depend on the speaker. It depends on the students motivation, interest and willingness. As long as there is a shared interest in the activity, the teaching method will definitely work. Even though i didn´t get to se any of the guest speakers, i really would like to have another guest speaker in class. Because, as i said, their different points of view on topics are interesting to learn from.

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